Steps star revealed 'insatiable sexual appetite'

A former member of pop group Steps has revealed her insatiable appetite for sex and spoken of her daring escapades in public spaces.

Claire Richards' autobiography All of Me is being serialised in The Sun - and it seems the star and her future hubby may have got through plenty of condoms during the early stages of their relationship.

The singer said she enjoyed thrilling sessions with the band's publicity manager Reese Hill in all manner of places, including on trains and in car parks.

And so randy were the pair that they even were able to get down and dirty backstage when the group - whose hits included One for Sorrow, Tragedy and Better Best Forgotten - appeared on Top of the Pops.

Richards noted: "Reece had a tiny MG sports car at the time and we even managed to do it in that - afterwards I was covered in bruises from head to toe!"