'Stigma remains' around HIV

Stigma surrounding HIV - the spread of which can be prevented via the use of condoms - still remains in the UK's health system, it has been suggested.

Catherine Murphy, head of parliamentary and public affairs at the Terrence Higgins Trust - which was set up in 1982 and helps more than 50,000 people a year - noted there are many ways to tell such attitudes to the disease persist.

The expert pointed out there has been a lot of research conducted in this field, explaining: "Quite often the area where people experience discrimination or prejudice is actually in the health service itself at the hands of healthcare workers."

Ms Murphy observed such behaviour takes place on a fairly regular basis, with people reporting negative experiences when in NHS primary care.

An example of this treatment could be a person who is HIV positive having difficulty arranging an appointment to see the dentist, Ms Murphy added.