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Stranger Things has been everywhere you turn over the past few weeks, with the second season arriving on Netflix. Now the world of sex toys seems to be getting in on the trend.

If you've been living under a rock and are not sure what Stranger Things is, the science fiction TV show follows a group of kids after the sudden disappearance of a young boy. The group encounter some peculiar - or strange - problems that they have to overcome to find their friend.

You may wonder how this goes with sex toys - we were too. But manufacturer Dragon Toys has a long history of getting its influences from less-than-ordinary sources. It specialises in crafting custom intimate toys themed around some of the most popular TV and films.

For its latest product, Dragon Toys has gone to the effort of producing a two-part eight minute parody of the show called 'Stranger Dongs'. SPOILERS. It follows a scientist who is desperate to find a monster that has escaped from another dimension, featuring a lot of adult content.

The 'Demogorgon' dildo looks as supernatural as you'd expect, and comes in a variety of colours and sizes, in case you were wondering.

However, if you like to play things a little safer in the bedroom and don't want to invite monsters in, then you may want to look elsewhere.

There are plenty of more tame sex toys available, which are less likely to scare your partner should you suddenly free it from your drawer when the lights are off.

Whether you are after one with an interesting theme or want to play it a little more safe, intimate toys are a fantastic way to enjoy a healthy sex life, by yourself or with a helping hand. They also have a number of benefits, including reducing stress, helping you sleep, and boosting your mood.