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Students at the University of Florida are being asked to design clothing from condoms. The initiative is trying to boost sexual health awareness on campus, which is commonly a hotspot for STDs, unplanned pregnancies and sexual assault.

The "Condom Design Challenge" will be held next month as part of a wider event called "Sex in the Swamp".

“As part of [Sex in the Swamp],” the event listing reads, “ESG [the university's body for regulating healthcare] is hosting a condom design challenge sponsored by ONE brand condoms where students must create and transform condoms into an article of clothing or accessory,” the University of Florida's website states.

Cecilia Luna, a health center spokeswoman, told The College Fix that Sex is the Swamp is an evolution of previous events held at restaurants. However, the restaurant hosting the initiative decided that condoms couldn't be publicly displayed so the event had to be moved elsewhere.

The purpose is to improve University of Florida students’ knowledge about healthy behaviors, with an emphasis on sexual health. This event aims to raise awareness surrounding risky health behaviors, specifically during Spring Break,” Ms Luna added.

A live "SEXpert Panel" will be at the event and students will be asked to group together in teams of two or three to complete their design.

Milla Impola, a spokeswoman for Global Protection Corporation, the manufacturer of ONE condoms, who will be supplying the condoms for the event, told The Fix that it aims to reduce the stigma often associated with condoms.

"By using art and creativity,” Ms Impola said, “the goal is to reduce stigma around condom conversations and provide a space where students can openly discuss sexual health topics."

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