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Students at a strict university have launched a new service to make sure people can get hold of contraception, encouraging safe sex and better education.

DePaul, in Chicago, Illinois, is a Catholic institution and does not distribute condoms and other forms of contraception to its students.

Although the Catholic church has shown a more flexible attitude to condoms in recent years, many establishments linked to it have remained strict. However, with a high number of young people being sexually active, students have taken matters into their own hands.

Unofficial organisation Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ) has launched the Text Jane service, which allows people to receive free male and female condoms, as well as lube and pregnancy tests.

All students need to do is text the group's Google Voice number and anyone volunteering that night will get the request.

Deliveries are made every Friday night between 6pm and 11pm by SRJ members who arrange to meet the recipient in a public space.

Text Jane was an initiative by Melissa Haggerty, who is a student at nearby Catholic Loyola University, as part of a wider campaign to get the institution to provide more resources for sexual assault and access to birth control.

She met with Junior founding member Amy Weider and decided to bring the idea to DePaul.

However, as the DePaulia reports, giving out condoms to students could be just the beginning for SJR.

Its mission statement says the organisation aims to "create spaces on and off campus to build community and solidarity with people and groups that are affected by reproductive injustices at DePaul".

Having access to condoms is an important part of practising safe sex, especially in the heat of the moment, so making sure you have a good supply to hand is essential.