Students warned against using plastic bags as condoms

A number of students in Thailand are said to have been using plastic bags instead of condoms.

The country's Public Health Ministry has issued a warning in response to news of such practices, the Nation reports.

Public health minister Jurin Laksanawisit described how the Disease Control Department's Aids, Tuberculosis and Sexual Transmitted Disease Bureau informed him some Mathayom One students had been engaging in the risky behaviour.

He urged people to pick up free condoms from the primary-care units in their villages as otherwise they could be putting themselves at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Mr Jurin added that using plastic bags as a substitute could also lead to injuries and it is far safer to purchase condoms from one of the 20,000 vending machines that have been deployed in public spaces.

Mathayom One is the equivalent of grade seven in US secondary schools, which is attended by children aged between 12 and 13.