Study: Most men struggle to find condoms that fit properly

The majority of men face a challenge in finding condoms that fit them properly, a new study has established.

Research conducted by the Centre for HIV Educational Studies and Training (CHEST) found that under 40 per cent of males feel they can rely on a certain type of prophylactic to be the right size for their penis.

The survey - which involved questioning around 500 gay or bisexual men in New York City - was conducted to analyse whether or not the one-size-fits-all approach to condom distribution was inadvertently having a negative impact on the likelihood of males engaging in unsafe sex.

Dr Christian Grov, lead author of the study, believes the research clearly shows that "the fit of a condom matters".

For instance, men whose penis is either too big or too small for regular condoms may decide to not wear one at all, despite the health risks associated with doing so.

"Unfortunately, the default condom freely distributed by many healthcare providers is still a standard size," Dr Grov added.