Superman used to bring safe sex message home

Superman is being used to promote the practices of safe sex in India, which may result in more people buying condoms online.

Artist duo Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra have came up with a series of paintings that depict the Man of Steel adhering to traditional perceptions of sexuality for their Put Ito On, Again exhibition.

"Superman is every girl's man. He wears latex and saves the world. He is a larger than life character and we have used him as a metaphor to promote safe sex," says Mr Thukral.

He is not the only superhero who is being borrowed for the display, as Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel also feature.

Mr Tagra observed it is an attempt to analyse behaviour concerning sex through the medium of art.

They hope their work will encourage debate over the issue of sex education and how certain methods - such as condoms - can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.