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Sweden is calling on NASA to launch a condom into space. The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) has started a campaign in a bid to convince the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to send a condom into outer space.

While this may seem like an odd request, according to the RFSU, it is to mark the contribution they have made when it comes to putting safe sex and contraceptives "higher on the political agenda".

The organisation has argued that in its time, NASA has sent many objects into space, so it makes sense for one of the future things it launches to be a condom. While the video released by RFSU has some comedy aspects - such as suggesting that aliens will need condoms if they should ever visit Earth - the campaign does have a serious message.

RFSU says that while condoms look reasonably simple, the common contraceptive is important when it comes to letting people "decide about their own bodies and their own lives." These easily-available forms of contraception are often overlooked but are a huge part of avoiding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy.

However, there are still 225 million people on Earth that do not have such easy access to contraceptives. The RFSU said in a press release that this is due to a lack of political efforts, poverty and perceived norms around sexuality.

It went on to say that more than 300,000 human females die each year due to complications during pregnancy, delivery and abortion, showcasing the need for more access to contraceptives around the world. The organisation also highlighted the importance of contraceptives when it comes to reducing the spread of STIs, such as AIDS-related illnesses, with kill over a million people a year.

The organisation is hoping that its campaign will go viral and help to convince NASA to send a condom up into space on its next launch.