Swedes only use condoms 30% of the time

Swedish people are only using condoms when having sex 30 per cent of the time, a study has found.

As well as this, some 60 per cent of those who fell pregnant said they had been using contractive methods such as the pill or the coil.

Karin Stenqvist, an expert on sexually transmitted infections from Gothenburg University, told the Local that individuals are placing too much trust in methods apart from the prophylactic.

“Because the contraceptive pill is supposed to make you 99 per cent safe from unwanted pregnancy and the condom 92 per cent, many feel that the pill is safer," she added.

However, Ms Stenqvist remarked that the security the pill brings is only accurate if people are "meticulous" when they are taking it.

The news provider observed that in Sweden - which is part of Scandinavia - individuals are encouraged to use both the pill and condoms when having carnal relations.