Swedish youngsters 'not using condoms during sex'

Youngsters in Sweden are not taking enough care of their sexual health, a new study has found.

According to the Local, 40 per cent of those questioned who were between 15 and 29 years old slept with a person they did not know last time they had relations, while one-in-four of them used a condom.

This highlights how many individuals in the county are running the risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection.

Gunilla Neves Ekman, head of the sexual health unit at Stockholm county council, told the news provider that the use of the prophylactic has to be an important part of any discussion.

"We think it is important that condoms can be found near where teenagers are," she added.

The specialist remarked that one of the issues is that people have to feel comfortable using the device with their partner.

Dr Ejike Oji, a reproductive health expert, recently told the Daily Champion that sex education should be introduced for Nigerian children.