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Couples in Switzerland might suddenly be having a lot more sex - because a government campaign has seen lottery tickets put inside free condoms in a bid to encourage their use.

The move is part of a drive by Switzerland's Federal Office of Public Health to lower rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), with cases of gonorrhoea, syphilis and Chlamydia having gone up by 20, 15 and eight per cent respectively in the country since 2016.

Around 400,000 condoms will be handed out over the summer at pools, concerts and other events, as well as being available for pick-up at various points across Swiss cities.

Each one will contain a code that can be entered into a corresponding website for a chance to win prizes including cameras, televisions, bikes and more. It's a bit like the McDonald's prize game, only you have even more fun participating.

There are more than 3,500 prizes up for grabs under the slogan 'go out covered and win' - and statistics show that Swiss participants will probably have to get through 114 condoms before they scoop a prize.

Organisations including the AIDS foundation Switzerland and the Swiss Sexual Health group have also got involved with the campaign, which of course has a serious message alongside all the luck of the draw: stay protected while you have fun this summer.

And even if you're in Britain and can't get involved with this game, that's a moral worth keeping in mind.

This method of spurring condom use is certainly a lot more pleasant and light-hearted than the one they've been using in Norway, which is a poster campaign aiming to prevent Chlamydia.

Everyone arriving at Oslo Central Station will see a poster of a beautiful mountain scene, a pretty Norwegian woman ... and the slogan 'Welcome to Norway! The land of Chlamydia.'

The tourist board is perhaps unsurprisingly fuming, particularly since the small print advises visitors to protect themselves from the locals. Perhaps they should have the free condom lottery idea pitched to them.

However, our favourite pro-condom and anti-STI campaign lately is the one run as part of New York Pride for the second year in a row this month.

It saw top designer Alexander Wang team up with Trojan to give out free condoms and T-shirts during the parade, all of which were emblazoned with the slogan' Protect Your Wang'.

If that's not memorable enough to ensure people strap on before they get down, we don't know what is.

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