Sydney event to emphasis importance of condoms?

A workshop is being held in Sydney that will explain the importantce of preventing the spread of HIV and Aids when having gay sex.

It is being organised by ACON and seeks to educate males on how to have better homosexual relations, which could include telling them to buy condoms.

The six-week course is free and is set to provide pointers on intimacy, communication and how and where to get the kind of sex you want.

ACON's peer education officer Christopher Brew told Same Same: "Men often find it difficult to talk about sex, their fantasies and desires and that can get in the way of all kinds of relationships."

He added all of the guys that take part can find out about the importance of protecting against sexually transmitted diseases.

This could mean many may choose to buy condoms online after the seminar is complete, in order to help them practice safe sex.