Teachers 'not confident' in providing sex education

Sex education forms a very important part of young people's time at school - it's practically a rite of passage - but it has transpired that tuition in this regard could well be below par as eight out of ten teachers don't feel confident when discussing condoms and other matters.

According to the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA), the National Governors Association, Durex and the National Association of Head Teachers' Sex and Relationship Education report, such attitudes are prevalent in spite of the fact that nine out of ten parents consider it important for their kids to learn about safer sex and contraception.

Chief executive of the NCPTA David Butler noted that more needs to be done to train teachers in delivering sex education, but also to involve mums and dads so these lessons are reinforced at home.

This follows a Wales on Sunday report that schoolgirls in the country are ignoring the benefits of using condoms, with sexually-active teenagers as young as 13 repeatedly taking the morning after pill instead.