Teaching abstinence 'fails to prepare teens for sex'

School pupils should be taught about the importance of using condoms rather than merely learning about abstinence, it has been claimed.

In an article for the North Wind, Katie Mara described how encouraging teens not to be intimate "does very little to prepare students for sex".

She explained that youngsters are missing out on "vital chapters" such as what sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are and how to avoid contracting them.

Not only does this method of teaching leave individuals in the dark, but it can also result in them feeling like they cannot ask adults important questions, it was suggested.

Ms Mara warned that consequently, teens may have unprotected sex and contract STIs or fall pregnant as they failed to know any better.

Elsewhere, the Metro recently reported how Channel 4's programme The Joy of Teen Sex has been criticised through social networking site Twitter by medical experts for portraying inaccurate facts.