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US Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has come under fire recently when it emerged that he backed a Texas state law banning the sale of sex toys.

Mr Cruz argued back in 2007 that people have no right to use sex toys, with his views being recorded in a court brief. He said that individuals don't even have the right to make use of sex toys in the privacy of their own homes.

Before Mr Cruz became a US senator the was the solicitor general for Texas, a position that required him to argue the for the state in court. He frequently mentions this previous job on the campaign trail for the presidency, stating that he used the position to protect Christian values.

However, he doesn't mention the fact that he lost his argument for the upholding of the Texas sex toy ban, which was first reported by Mother Jones magazine.

The law was approved in the 1970s, banning any device that was designed for the "stimulation of human genital organs." The outdated law also stated that a person who owned six of more items like this was presumed to be promoting the manufacture of sex toys.

In 2003, a 43-year-old mother of three Joanne Webbe was arrested for selling a sex toy at a party to an undercover police officer. Charges against her were eventually dropped, but the case led a collection of sex toy companies to sue the federal court and challenge Texas' law.

Mr Cruz wrote an 83-page brief defending the law but the ban was ultimately dropped. When recently questioned about whether he would ban sex toys in the US if he became president, Mr Cruz said he wouldn't as their use is "none of the government's business."