Teenage men in Bangkok 'using condoms'

Teenage men in Bangkok seem to be buying condoms before having sex, newly-released research has suggested.

A survey released by the Health Department under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration found 65 per cent of respondents used precautions when having intimate relations with a stranger, the Bangkok Post reports.

Some 32 per cent admitted they use the prophylactic device with their regular partners, which means some may choose to wear Durex close fit.

Of those who were questioned, the youngest a person had sex for the first time was ten, with the average age being 16.

Infection rates for HIV and Aids were 2,384 since the start of the year, which highlights the importance of using condoms.

Half of those who caught the disease were aged between 15 and 24.

It comes after an event held in Sydney, Australia, organised by ACON emphasised the need to use the barrier method when having homosexual relations.