Teens 'sceptical' of sex guidance received on web

A number of teens are becoming sceptical about certain guidance they receive on the topic of contraception, which could have an impact on condom purchases.

This is because research carried out by New York's Guttmacher Institute, which found that one-third of those questioned - all were between 16 and 19 - had gone online to find out more, while many are "wary" of material available on the web and advice from their friends, the National Post reports.

Rachel Jones, a senior research associate and lead author of the paper, said that in terms of sexual health "there was this general distrust of the internet for information".

The majority of teens interviewed said the best information they received was still from schools and their parents.

Ms Jones observed that the study, which is in the Journal of Adolescent Research, highlights the need for a good school-based sexual-health education system.

This could have the effect of seeing more youngsters use prophylactics.