Teens to buy condoms online?

Young people in Rochester, New York, may want to buy condoms online.

This is because a poll carried out found 58 per cent of those high school students questioned said they have had sex, WHEC.com reports.

Some 14 per cent said they have had intimate relations with three or more partners, while 37 per cent said they started when they were less than 15.

Most teens in Rochester are not practising safe sex, which means they are at an increased risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection.

"We were noticing that in 2010, there was an alarming change in the kinds of cases we were seeing," said Department of Public Health director, Dr Andrew Doniger.

This information may lead to an increase in those looking into ribbed condoms, as these can be used to provide protection.

Individuals were recently told by spicezee.com that size, material and flavour are important when it comes to condoms.