Texan students to use condoms?

A new initiative in Texas is hoping to encourage students to wear condoms when they are having sex.

Jonathan Resendez, writing in the Rambler, said individuals who go to university should make sure they use protection when they are having intimate relations.

He added a programme should also be set up that makes it easier for people to get their hands on the prophylactic devices.

This could then be used by those too shy to go and get condoms for themselves in person.

"Providing condoms to sexually active students is as smart as having healthy options available in the dining hall," Mr Resendez observed.

The more individuals who do use protection, the less chance there is of sexually transmitted infections being passed on.

Boomer Gutknecht, a counsellor at the Advanced Medical Testing Centre in Webster Groves, St Louis, recently told Fox 2 News that people can get "careless" when having sex.