Thais 'may want to stock up on condoms'

Thai men may want to stock up on condoms, as a new study has suggested infidelity is rife in the south-east Asian country.

Carried out by Durex, the research revealed Thai men are the least faithful of all males in the world, with 54 per cent of those questioned admitting to having had an extramarital affair.

They were followed by guys from South Korea and Malaysia, with 34 per cent and 33 per cent claiming they had fooled around behind their partner's back respectively.

However, Thai women do not appear to be entirely the innocent party when it comes to adultery, as they ranked second - behind Ghana - in the female version of the rundown.

It was shown that men form Asia are the most promiscuous in the world, with fellas from Hong Kong and Singapore claiming to have bedded an average of 16 lovers.

However, Malaysian men were found to have only typically slept with three partners.