Those in their 50s 'satisfied with sex'

People in their 50s tend to enjoy a healthy sex life and are satisfied when it comes to frolicking between the sheets.

This is according to a new survey funded by the charity Relate and Ann Summers, which involved more than 25,000 respondents.

And the results of the Sex Census 2012 suggest those in middle age may need to stock up on condoms as it was revealed 52 per cent of respondents between 50 and 59 believe they have a good sex life.

Indeed, just one-fifth of those in this age bracket admitted they are unhappy with their bedroom antics.

Despite this, it was shown that 30-something men and women are the least satisfied when the lights go down, with worries about money and family having a negative impact on this age group in particular.

Paula Hall, sex therapist for Relate, said: "The results tell us that this age group actually want more sex, so people need to take time to work out what's stopping them."