THT says carry a condom this Christmas

Stocking up on flavoured condoms or a couple of Durex extra safe products could well be a good idea over the Christmas period, a course of action recommended by the clinical director of the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), a charity set up in response to the HIV epidemic.

Jason Warriner said some of the messages put out there by the organisation include carrying a condom with you, particularly at Christmas time.

He made this recommendation in response to a Daily Mail survey - British Women and Sexuality - revealing that nearly half of 20-something ladies in the UK had enjoyed a one night stand, while almost a quarter have had an abortion at some point.

Mr Warriner explained that the yuletide period means people are generally more relaxed and have the opportunity to drink more, so the likelihood of having a quick fling may be higher.

"[We will] just [be] making sure that people have condoms and women - if they need it - have got emergency contraception," he remarked.