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Following reports last year that dating apps are causing a rise in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), Tinder is doing its part to advertise sexual health in the US. The popular dating application has added a new feature to help users find their local testing service.

The last year has seen the popularity of Tinder skyrocket for both gay and straight users, with people using it for casual hookups along with searching for relationships.

However, a number of sexual health experts have slammed Tinder and other similar dating apps due to a recent boom in certain STDs. This led to a well-known AIDS healthcare foundation campaign linking a number of common STDs to apps like Tinder and Grindr.

In response to these accusations, Tinder has rolled out a new service to match people to sexual health clinics as well as possible partners. The app links to the Healthvana HIV and STD testing site locator in the US, helping people find their closest clinic and remind them to get tested regularly.

Lead sociologist at Tinder, Dr Jessica Carbino, said: “Tinder is proud to empower millions of users to create relationships.

“An important aspect of any healthy relationship – whether formed on Tinder or otherwise – is ensuring sexual health and safety. We’d be delighted to see other major social networks follow in our footsteps in educating the public.

“While the CDC, who conducted the largest and most credible study on the topic, has never identified any connection that supports the idea that Tinder usage correlates with, let alone causes, an increase in STDs, we’re of course in favor of organizations that provide public education resources on the topic, and we’re happy to do our part in supporting these educational efforts.”

It is not yet known whether Tinder will be launching this service in the UK, but it is important for app users to maintain their sexual health. This means getting tested regularly for STDs, especially if you have more than one partner, and to use protection when engaging in intercourse.