????????????????The weather outside is miserable, you're off work for a week or two and you're spending a lot more time with your significant other; it is no wonder that Christmas is a great time to spice up your sex life! However, as much as the holiday season might put you in the mood, it also throws up a few difficulties.

When the kids are off school and you're away visiting friends and family, it can be difficult to get any time for the romantic activities you had your heart set on! Here are a few ways to keep your sex life going strong this Christmas.


Give them a 'special' stocking

You might want to give your partner something a bit kinky this year. This could be some lingerie or even a sex toy! However, you need to be careful this doesn't get opened in front of anyone else, let alone relatives or children!

You can put this sexy gift in a stocking at the foot of your bed, so your partner can open it in the morning. If you can manage to get up before the kids, you might even get a chance to try it out!


Schedule your sex

There's probably nothing less sexy than a timetable, unless you have a very specific fetish. However, at least one of you needs to work out when you can actually have sex. Otherwise, you might find out that there was only one night you both had free, and you've already missed it!


Be the present they unwrap

It might sound cheesy, but a bit of roleplay can spice up anyone's sex life. Christmas is a great time to have a bit of fun with this, especially if you are new to taking on a character. Start off gently by wrapping yourself up like a present and having your partner unwrap you!