Touching men 'raises female body temperature'

A female's body temperature rises when she is touched on the hand or face by a man, new research has shown.

Conducted at the University of St Andrews, the study suggests women may become more aroused when interacting with members of the opposite sex, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Ladies often in contact with male friends may therefore wish to make sure they have condoms to hand if any flirting gets a little out of hand.

Published in the journal Biology Letters, the study found this increase in body temperature comes as a result of increased blood flow - an effect that also causes blushing or a reddening of the skin, itself a sign that may subtly suggest arousal intended for the partner.

Amanda Hahn, leader of the investigation, said: "The [temperature] change was driven by face and chest contact, which were significantly higher than arm or palm contact."

The effect was therefore much more pronounced when personal parts of the body were touched.