NHS Oxfordshire has re-written a famous Christmas carol in the hope of spreading the message of using condoms and practising safe sex.

The trust took to its Twitter page to tweet about using contraceptives using the famous tune the 12 Days of Christmas.

It sent out 12 messages warning about the consequences of unprotected sex starting with the opening line: "On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, condoms in a pack of three."

Rhymes discussing the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and infertility followed.

Speaking to the Witney Gazette, health improvement principal at NHS Oxfordshire Alison Burton said: "The messages add a bit of fun to what is a serious topic."

She added that it is important for people to practise safe sex all year round, but especially at Christmas when people drink more than normal.

The Guardian recently noted that along with medical professionals in Oxfordshire, those at Oxford Donor Centre tweeted a reminder about giving blood.