Tyson Beckford 'not concerned' by sex tape rumours

Tyson Beckford has claimed he is not concerned by the prospect of a sex tape surfacing that supposedly shows him pleasuring himself.

The hunky male model took to Twitter to say he is unfazed that the clip is making the rounds and even joked that the video is "not much of a sex tape".

However, Beckford is unlikely to have been wearing a condom on the film, as TMZ.com reported the footage is rumoured to show the 41-year-old touching himself during a video chat with an unnamed female model.

He stated: "Don't even faze me ... We all do it, just mine got caught on film."

TMZ explained the video is currently being passed around the adult film industry and also shows him speaking about a number of topics, such as his movie career - which includes an appearance as himself in Zoolander - and his annoyance at often being mistaken for US R&B singer Tyrese Gibson.