UN peacekeepers to get special blue condoms

A Dutch condom company is to ship prophylactic devices to the Ivory Coast for United Nations (UN) peacekeeping troops.

The condoms, which will carry the slogan Blue Helmets for Ivory Coast, Make Love Not War, are a novel idea at easing tension in the area, while also promoting an important message.

Theodoor Van Boven, founding director of the firm, told the Independent: "We hope to balance the seriousness a little bit."

He added the gesture is intended to encourage more dialogue in the nation, while proceeds from the sale of the condoms will go to a not-for-profit organisation called Sape Moderne, which is dedicated to AIDS prevention.

UN peacekeeping troops are often called the Blue Helmets because of the colour of their headwear.

It comes after people who were at the World Cup in South Africa and had unprotected sex were urged to get tested for sexually transmitted infections, the West Midlands News reports.