UN 'urged to look at distributing more female condoms'

Member states of the UN are being urged to make it easier for women to access female condoms.

The Universal Access to Female Condoms (UAFC) Joint Programme has organised a rally to coincide with the UN High Level Meeting on HIV and Aids.

Lucie Van Mens from the UAFC noted there is a "huge demand" for the product.

"This demand comes from women who currently have no other way to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases," she added.

Because of the popularity of the device among some people, the UAFC thinks that the UN should look at changing its polices to incorporate better access to female condoms.

At the moment, less than one per cent of all prophylactics distributed in the world are female condoms.

The difference between this product and the regular one is that it is worn by the lady and gives them the power to determine their own sexual health.