US Navy officers handed free condoms

Officers in the US Navy have been handed free condoms as part of a scheme to promote safe sex.

The handouts come as members of the service are currently spending leisure time in Palawan as they go through joint exercises with the Philippine Navy, GMA News' Balitanghali reports.

Lieutenant Commander Mike Morley - spokesman for the US Navy - said: "If people decide to engage in adult relationships, then we want them to do that in a safe and responsible manner."

The US officers are in the island province of the Philippines as part of this year's Philippine-US Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training bilateral exercises.

It was also noted that the US Navy is to hold its officers accountable for any behaviour that may discredit the organisation's name during the event.

A recent study carried out by Trojan found that condom use in the US is most popular in the north-east of the country.