US teens learn about condom use

Teens in Springfield, Massachusetts, are being given advice on the importance of using condoms when having sex.

A group of 20 youngsters from Putnam Vocational Technical High School are trying to highlight the issue of teen pregnancy and the threat of contracting HIV, news network reports.

Guidance is being offered to people about the associated dangers with unprotected sex.

Putnam student Tamra Swett said: "It's important to me because I've seen many of my friends who have been pregnant and have dropped out. If you're not educated what can you give your child?"

Individuals who are taking part in the programme will get a chance to show off what they have learned by being involved in a health fair.

Durex recently had to reassure the UK population there will not be a shortage of condoms, after a row broke out between the firm and its Indian supplier TTK Lig.