US teens' use of condoms 'on the rise'

US teenagers appear to be increasingly interested in protecting themselves while having sex, with a new study revealing that one in three not in monogamous relationships make use of novelty condoms or otherwise.

Led by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University and sponsored by Trojan, the study found that, in the last ten times they had had vaginal sex, men and women wore condoms 79 per cent and 58 per cent of the time respectively.

However, while youngsters may have something of a consequences-be-damned reputation, it would seem that adults are poorer at safeguarding their sexual health.

It was found that, for those aged between 25 and 34, the last time they casually had sex with someone 29 per cent of men utilised prophylactics, compared with 23 per cent of women.

Over in the UK, however, it seems to be a slightly different story - according to a Superdrug survey, 60 per cent of youths between 16 and 22 are failing to sport condoms.