Using condoms 'can cut down STI risk'

Individuals who are looking to reduce the chances of catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI) should buy condoms.

This is because the use of protection methods will stop people from contracting STIs, according to a news piece in the Daily Northwestern.

"Condoms are used for protection against many STIs during vaginal or anal intercourse, fellatio and for covering sex toys," it added.

According to the news provider, a new one should be used when a couple are taking part in a different sex act, to be sure of preventing the spread.

People who are looking to make the most of the prophylactics may be interested to know they work best when they have been stored in cool conditions.

Last week, it emerged a new condom may be hitting the shelves soon.

Dubbed the Viagra condom, the product has been designed in such a way as to help men achieve a better erection, with the hope being it will encourage more people to practice safe sex.