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Giving birth is one of the most stressful things a female body can do and it isn't a case of it all being over once the baby arrives. After giving birth vaginally, women can experience a lot of pain, swelling and bruising, which can be uncomfortable for a while. But now there could be a simple way to provide some relief after birth.

Vagina ice pops for new mums are the latest trend that could help reduce pain and swelling, allowing them to enjoy getting to know their new bundle of joy. These are simply made by filling a condom with water, tying the end and popping them in the freezer.

Rather than putting these ice pops anywhere intimate, they are meant to be wrapped in a clean cloth - so as to prevent ice burn - and put between the new mum's legs. It seems that they are the perfect shape to sit there comfortable and help take away some of the stinging sensation.

The idea was shared by Martin Wanless on the website DAD, who said that he did this for his wife after the hospital where she gave birth offered her the option shortly afterwards. But it isn't just Martin who recommends it, as a number of mums have said online that it worked for them.

Michele Bell wrote on PopSugar that she did it after another mum recommended the trick, opting to lay the ice pop lengthwise in her underwear to keep it in place and provide relief. She also recommended using a sanitary towel to help as the ice melts.

It seems that the best way to create these vagina ice pops is to lay them flat once filled with water to create a tube of ice. You also shouldn't remove the ice from the condom when it comes to using it.

This is certainly a very different way to use a condom!