Vancouverites encouraged to wear condoms

A Canadian organisation is trying to promote the use of condoms during sex.

The campaign is called That's So Sexy and sees two TV ads aired, one for heterosexual couples and the other for homosexuals, the Vancouver Sun reports.

Katherine Dodds is behind the idea and she wants to increase awareness about the effectiveness of condoms when having sex.

"Sexually transmitted infections [STIs] have been on the rise, they continue to be and HIV and all of the problems associated with that," she told the news provider.

It is part of a link-up with Options for Sexual Health and Ms Dodds hopes to encourage advertisers away from fear-based marketing.

Instead, through her company Hello Cool World, she wants to focus on grassroots issues and promote good health.

Once people have viewed the promotions, they may be tempted to buy condoms online in order to prevent the spread of STIs and HIV.