Virtual rebusinessman with young girlality is making its way into the bedroom, as Japanese developer Tenga launches its new sex simulation suit.

The kit uses a headset to deliver visuals, while sensors on the bodysuit send impulses across the wearer's body. A moving machine with breast-like additions completes the experience, allowing the user to really feel like they are having intercourse.

Tenga states that it is "revolutionising sexual pleasure, bringing sexuality to the forefront for all to enjoy".

The suit, which is only available for men, allows users to remain fully clothed while enjoying the experience.

Its development follows the success of a virtual reality masturbation aid, which the company put to market in 2014. This product gives users a sex toy to place over their penis, while the virtual reality headset shows an anime character carrying out the sex act.

So, for just £300, men can have this sex simulation suit and feel as if there really is another person touching them.