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Pretty much everyone knows that oysters are supposed to be an aphrodisiac - but a new study has shown that all types of seafood could be beneficial if you want to spend more time getting jiggy in the bedroom.

Research from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in the US looked at 501 couples, all of whom were tracking their diet and how often they had sex because they were trying to conceive.

One of the things they were asked to record was their daily seafood intake, which included shellfish as well as other types of seafood.

Each couple was followed for four years, or until they fell pregnant.

It was found that men and women who ate more than two servings of seafood per week had significantly more sex than those who ate less than this.

People who had the highest seafood intake of more than eight servings per month had a 22 per cent higher chance of enjoying regular sex too.

It has been suggested in the past that things like oysters may increase libido because of their very high zinc content - but the researchers unfortunately couldn't verify this because they weren't checking for levels of individual minerals.

Lead study author Audrey Gaskins added: "It is also possible that couples who consume higher amounts of seafood together share more meals, and thus more time together (including nights)."

This could well be the case - if you're enjoying more date nights and taking the time to cook for one another, then you're probably more likely to feel 'in the mood' once you've eaten and moved through to the bedroom.

That said, we're willing to give this a try, so we're going to put more fish on the shopping list and see what happens. Will you? Maybe we'll go for boil in the bag so the smell isn't quite so off-putting.

In terms of other foods that are said to be aphrodisiacs, red chilli peppers stimulate endorphins, raise the body temperature and elevate heart rates, so the New York Times reports that this is a good way to mimic how you feel when you're aroused.

Honey and watermelon, which regulate hormone levels and relax blood vessels respectively, are other so-called love foods that you might want to incorporate into your repertoire of sexy recipes.

So, there you have it: get cooking and get jiggy!