People getting things done in an office Image: iStock/vgajic

If you'd like to feel more productive during your working day, then you might want to ditch the coffee and mid-morning sugary snacks and start having sex in the mornings.

That's the discovery of a new survey by review site Mattress Advisor, which polled nearly 1,000 of its partnered, cohabiting web users on their morning habits and how they tend to feel during their working day.

Each person was quizzed about the order in which they do things like showering, drinking coffee and having sex (if they do them at all) and then asked to keep a log of how much work they felt they were getting done once they got to the office.

A range of different morning rituals were observed, including taking care of pets, squeezing in a workout (now that's dedication) and enjoying breakfast, many of which had an impact on people's get up and go.

However, a whopping 53 per cent of men and 45 per cent of women reported that morning sex made them feel more productive throughout the day. Only seven and 12 per cent of men and women respectively said being intimate at that time of day made them less efficient.

The study also found that men were willing to give up around 42 minutes of sleep for morning sex, but women typically only wanted to give up half an hour of slumber.

Meanwhile, respondents who used social media or checked their emails in the mornings tended to feel less productive and able to focus on their to-do list, suggesting a phone is a distraction rather than a tool for greater productivity.

This improved focus after morning sex was attributed to the positive effects of sex hormones like dopamine coursing around the body, as well as the known reduction in stress levels that intercourse can result in.

Essentially, it strips away your worries and leaves you able to concentrate on what's important - what's not to love about that?

Maybe it might be time to start laying out your work clothes or making sandwiches the night before in order to fit in a little intimate time with your partner. Not only could your relationship benefit, but you might even reap the rewards of promotions and bonuses in your job.

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