Wearing a condom 'does not diminish sexual enjoyment'

Wearing a condom does not diminish the enjoyment of having sex, new research has suggested.

Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the study revealed both men and women rate intercourse as being highly arousing with or without this form of contraception.

Investigators from the School of Public Health-Bloomington at Indiana University looked at a nationally representative study of US males and females aged 18 to 59 and discovered both genders view sex as highly pleasurable when condoms or lubricants are used.

Irwin Goldstein, editor in chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, commented: "Understanding current condom use offers healthcare providers an opportunity to educate those people uncomfortable with condoms but for whom lack of use may lead to significant sexually transmitted infection health risk."

The findings also showed that women are less clued-up than their male counterparts when it comes to prophylactics. Indeed, 26.6 per cent of females are unsure whether condoms are lubricated and 23.6 per cent do not know what materials they are made from, compared to 11.4 per cent and 8.9 per cent of males respectively.