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Condoms are pretty easy right? Well, you might think that, but you could actually be making a whole host of mistakes when it comes to your protection. This may not seem like a big deal, after all, if a condom still works what's the problem? But the more mistakes you make, the less effective your rubber is.

In fact, you can make a mistake with your condom even before you've made it to the bedroom, putting you at risk of contracting STIs and of unwanted pregnancy. To keep you and your partner safe, here are some of the most common condom mistakes you can make:

Picking up the incorrect size

Yes, you really can buy the wrong size when it comes to condoms. Buying that box of XL rubbers may be okay to impress your mates, but unless you have an XL penis, they aren't going to be much use.

Condoms that are too big are at a higher risk of breakage due to the friction during intercourse, while those that are too small won't offer full protection and can also break easily. You should make sure your condoms are the perfect fit to cover what they need to and reduce the chance of breakage.

Keeping it in the wrong place

While it may be handy to put a spare condom in your purse or wallet, this will actually increase the chances of it getting damaged. Spare change, keys and anything else with a sharp edge can cause punctures in your rubber.

If you keep your wallet in your back pocket, this can also mean the latex becomes weak due to heat, friction and pressure.

Not putting it on right

A lot of people still don't put their condoms on correctly, which can increase the chance of leaks and breaks. This can also mean you are at a greater risk of STIs.

You shouldn't unroll your condom before putting it on, you should never flip the condom if you started to put it inside out as this means your partner could be exposed to bodily fluids, and you should completely unroll your rubbers onto your penis before intercourse.

Paying attention to the way you treat and put on your condoms can help fully protect you and your partner.