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With it becoming increasingly popular to buy other people sex toys - whether you're getting a gift for a friend or a partner - it pays to know how to find the right option.

Not only will having an idea as to what you should buy help save embarrassment, it will also ensure the recipient will get some use out of it.

So exactly how do you find the right sex toy for someone else? These tips could help, no matter what occasion you're buying for:

Will they want a sex toy?

First off, you need to work out if they would be open to being given a sex toy. If you think that it might embarrass them too much or that it isn't their kind of gift, you may want to find something else.

It is best to give sex toys to those who you know will appreciate them and will probably get some use out of them, otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

Have they used them before?

If you know your friend or partner has used a sex toy before, you have a few more options for the type of toy you can give them. They may well be open to trying more things and so you can get them a toy with more settings or other aspects.

However, if someone hasn't used a toy before, it might be best to get something small and simple that won't scare them off. Bullet vibrators are a good example of a first toy, as they offer a reasonable level of power, can be used in several ways and are a good introduction to the world of sex toys.

Solo or joint use?

You should also work out whether the person you're buying for will use their toy alone or with a partner. If you're buying for your partner, it is a good idea to choose a toy that can be used solo or with a couple. This will give them a chance to try it out themselves first, so they feel comfortable enough to use it with you.

If you're buying for a first-time user who is a friend, choosing something that they can explore alone is probably the best bet.

What would you want?

A good judge when it comes to buying a sex toy for someone else is what you would want them to get you. If you would feel comfortable receiving a certain toy from them, they could very well feel the same way.