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A woman was left almost needing a colostomy bag after having to undergo surgery to have a sex toy removed from her bum. Emily Georgia from Sussex has spoken out about the dangers of misusing sex toys after a four-inch steel butt plug got lodged inside her after a night of passion.

According to 20-year-old Ms Georgia, her sexual partner accidentally pushed the toy too far up her bottom and it ended up 'disappearing'. Although she tried to remove it herself, she was unable to. Unfortunately, her one-night stand decided to leave her in the predicament, claiming that it should work its way out 'naturally'.

“We were having a naughty night in last March and decided to use the toy – I’d never used one before," she said. “I think he got too excited and managed to push the end of it in too. It was a goner.

“I began to panic and told him I needed to go to hospital. He said it should come out naturally on the toilet and then he said ‘I’m really sorry I have work early in the morning’ and he shot off.”

When the sex toy showed no signs of coming out on its own, a friend took Ms Georgia to hospital. Here she was told that she was at risk of a perforated bowel due to where the toy had become lodged. She was already experiencing pain and could feel the butt plug "knocking about".

After having an X-ray, doctors soon realised that manual extraction while she was awake was not an option and Ms Georgia had to undergo surgery to have it removed. Before surgery, she was told that if the toy could not be removed rectally, they would need to go through the bowel. In this instance, around six inches of bowel would have to have been removed, resulting in Ms Georgia requiring a colostomy bag for at least six months.

She ended up undergoing an hour-long procedure and luckily the toy was extracted manually. When Ms Georgia woke up, nurses offered her the sex toy as a keepsake and she decided to accept it. She is now warning people about what could happen if you do not take proper care when using sex toys.

“If anyone is in the same situation I would advise to obviously try and get it out yourself first but then definitely take yourself straight to the hospital if you can," she advised.

“It’s not as embarrassing as it seems – people at A&E see things like this all the time and will have seen far worse things up people’s rectums.

“The hospital staff were amazing – they were so funny and never once made me feel uncomfortable, that’s why I find it so easy to talk about.”