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A woman who was caught stealing a sex toy allegedly told police that she had taken it because her "husband doesn't want to touch" her any more. The Smoking Gun reports that 33-year-old Ashton Barton was arrested for attempting to steal a Durex 'Little Devil' Vibrating ring from a pharmacy.

The woman was arrested in Largo, Florida for attempting to steal from the CVS pharmacy while she was shopping there. An employee at the store became suspicious of Ms Barton and alerted the police.

A police officer approached her in store and questioned her about the concealed item. Ms Barton admitted that she had removed the sex toy - priced at $15 (£10.75) - from its packaging and concealed, according to the criminal complaint.

When the mother of four saw the Largo Police Department officer in the store, she ditched the sex and did not go through with the theft.


She told the police officer that she had been driven to steal the item as her husband was no longer interested in having sex with her. She allegedly told them that she would rather steal a sex toy than be unfaithful to her husband in order to have sex.

After admitting her intentions to steal, the officer searched her bag, finding a bottle of medication that she claimed to have previously paid for. However, she was unable to produce a receipt and finally admitted to stealing it.

Due to prior theft convictions, she was charged with a felony and booked into the county jail, later to be released after posting a $2,000 bail.

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