Fahad Bilal engaged in a sex act in public. Image credit: Central News Fahad Bilal engaged in a sex act in public. Image credit: Central News

A couple has been banned from the city of London after they were caught on CCTV performing a sex act in public. Akeela Ali was caught performing oral sex on her husband, Fahad Bilal, by the lifts in the Westfield shopping centre.

The couple had driven from their home in Newport South Wales to west London for a day trip with their two young children before getting carried away. CCTV footage showed the couple letting the children run off to have a look around while they sat on the sofa by the lift in the shopping centre.

Footage showed Mrs Ali moving her head up and down in Mr Bilal's lap and using her right hand to rub his penis. They were so involved that they didn't even stop when their children returned.

When she finished pleasuring her husband, Mrs Ali spat into a tissue and threw it behind a plant plot in the centre's lift lobby lounge.

The couple appeared at a hearing at Hammersmith magistrates court on Thursday, November 5th. They said that at the time they considered stopping when the children returned and interrupted them, but then decided to carry on.

Mrs Ali said that her hormones were "everywhere" at the time due to her pregnancy, which caused her to feel sexually aroused while out at the shopping centre. While she knew it was wrong to engage in sexual acts in public, she decided to anyway because of the strong feelings her pregnancy was causing.

Arlene De Silva, the prosecutor, said: "She was aware that one of the children was sitting beside Mr Bilal for a portion of the event. She said she regretted the incident and was ashamed."

The couple chose to represent themselves and had to be sentenced separately while taking turns to look after their children outside of the courtroom. Because no one had witnessed the event and it had just been caught on CCTV, the judge opted to ban them from the city of London for eight weeks rather than dish out a harsher punishment.