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A woman had to have a condom surgically removed from her appendix after swallowing it while performing oral sex on her partner. The surgery was described in the journal of Medical Case Reports after the woman was admitted to hospital complaining of pain that later turned out to be caused by the contraceptive.

According to the journal, the patient had been performing oral sex on her partner when she accidentally swallowed the condom. Two weeks later, she went to the hospital with tenderness and pain in her lower abdomen.

Dr Carlson B. Sama, from the surgery department at Cameroon's University of Buea and author of the report, said that the patient had experienced an increase in pain over a few days that was not affected by painkillers.

Believing that the pain was due to appendicitis, the woman underwent emergency surgery to have it removed. The surgery had no complications and her appendix was removed with relative ease.

However, doctors were concerned that the organ did not feel right and so dissected it to see what the issue was. It was then that they found pieces of condom lodged inside it. When questioned about the condom, the woman revealed that she had accidentally swallowed it.

She had failed to tell the doctors about this prior to the surgery as she had passed parts of the condom a few days after swallowing it, leading her to believe it was out of her system.

While it isn't clear how pieces of the condom ended up inside her appendix, it does show how careful you need to be when using condoms during oral sex. It is important to take steps to avoid swallowing or aspirating condoms, but if you do happen to do so, you need to seek medical advice if you experience any pain or discomfort afterwards.