A woman who was previously jailed for having loud sex sessions in her home has appeared in court again for the same offence.

Gemma Wale was previously sentenced to two weeks in jail following a series of noise complaints by neighbours. She was reported for shouting, throwing things and having incredibly loud sex sessions, which neighbours say made their lives a misery.

After being handed an ASBO for her behavior, she was locked up in June for breaking it after she refused to stop making noise - including screaming, shouting and roaring during sex. Neighbours complained that her late night sex sessions would wake up the entire estate, which led to the judge's ruling.

However, the mother of two doesn't seem to have learnt her lesson, facing another court appearance last month. Ms Wills has now been fined £150 for harassing a neighbour and bombarding her with "noise pollution".

The 22-year-old was accused of banging doors, arguing, throwing things and shouting in an effort to disturb Ghazala Bibi. As a result, she was also handed a restraining order, preventing her from contacting Ms Bibi any further, as well as being ordered to pay £200 in costs after admitting harassment.

Chairman of the bench Barbara Garbett told Ms Wale when passing judgement: "Your conduct has had a detrimental effect on the complainant and her family."

However, the magistrate did not opt for a greater punishment as they accepted that there had only been a small number of incidents and that Ms Wale had previously received punishment for her actions.

Ms Wale's solicitor, Shanaz Begum, said of the incident: “There is no targeting of the victim.

“It is not a case where there is face to face contact. She was doing her own thing in her home.”

She continued to say that Ms Wale had been publicly humiliated following her previous court appearance, which has impacted her life and served as punishment enough.

Gemma Wale Ms Gemma Wale was jailed for Breaching her "sex noise" ASBO