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A woman has been handed a prison sentence after annoying her neighbours by having loud sex. Gemma Wale from Birmingham has been sentenced to two weeks in prison for breaching a court order by screaming and shouting while having sex.

The woman was originally given an antisocial behaviour order after neighbours complained to police on several occasions about the loud noises she made during her sexual sessions.

The order detailed that Ms Wale had to keep noise levels at a suitable level, which barred her from making lots of noise during sex, shouting, swearing, banging, slamming doors, listening to loud music or stamping.

Details have emerged in a written ruling by Judge Emma Kelly following the hearing in May at Birmingham county court. Ms Wale was originally awarded her antisocial behaviour order in January, with Birmingham City Council taking action following neighbour complaints.

Gemma Wale Ms Gemma Wale was jailed for
Breaching her "sex noise" ASBO

Judge Kelly gave Ms Wale separate two-week jail terms for each breach of the order, with each one running concurrently.

In total, Ms Wale breached her order by having loud sex, making banging noises in her house, arguing with her boyfriend, swearing at a neighbour and running around the property.

Proceedings were brought against her after complaints on January 29th that Ms Wale had broken her order. A neighbour called the police at about 5am after a particularly loud sexual session, during which Ms Wale shouted and screamed for around ten minutes.

This isn't the first time a woman has been handed a prison sentence for being vocal in the bedroom. Caroline Cartwright was given eight-week and 12-week jail sentences for having loud sex at her house.

Police responded to noise complaints more than 30 times before she was given a noise abatement order. However, she breached this five times so was then given an antisocial behaviour order. She also breached this and so went to prison.