Women 'are more adventurous in the bedroom'

Female condoms could prove to be a popular purchase at present, as it appears women are having plenty of fun between the sheets.

New research from K-Y's Good in Bed sex site has revealed ladies tend to be more sexually adventurous than their male counterparts, as well as being more satisfied with their antics in the bedroom.

According to the study, girls find it more natural to talk dirty to their lovers and are more likely to openly discuss their fantasies.

Kristen Mark, survey director for the site, noted the findings might surprise many people, observing: "Women have for so long been constructed in our society as prudes who restrict the sexual expression of their male partners."

And it appears keeping well stocked-up on female condoms might prove a particularly good idea as the report also found couples who were more open-minded and adventurous in their love-making tend to stay together for longer.

The news comes after a recent survey presented at the Men's Health World Congress in Vienna found 50 per cent of Scottish men are dissatisfied with their sex lives.