Women 'fantasise about men doing the washing up'

Domesticated men may want to make sure they have condoms to hand when carrying out the household chores, as it has been claimed women fantasise about males doing the washing up.

Author of Fifty Shades of Grey EL James - whose books have proven a big hit, particularly among females, in 2012 - suggested ladies are more turned on when their partners do the housework than when taking part in kinky sex games, the Sun reports.

British writer Ms James explained women want guys who are willing to do their bit around the home, observing: "The book touches on something women think they might want. But actually what they want is to read it - not to live it."

More than 61 million copies of the Fifty Shades trilogy have been snapped up since their release - and the stories appear to have had a marked impact on the love lives of those who have read the tomes, with many men thanking Ms James for penning the series.